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The People’s Choice Awards has released its official list of “25 Under 25: Hollywood’s Hottest Young Stars,” a list of the most gorgeous, badass, talented or downright adorable young stars of today.

We see these young celebs like Kristen Stewart, Zac Efron and Willow Smith on our televisions, the big screen and even hear them on our radios. Now you can vote for your very favorite hot young star by clicking here.

The one who racks up the most votes will be named the Hottest Star Under 25 at this year’s People’s Choice Awards. 

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While we’re excited to cast our vote, here at GlobalGrind, we believe that there are a lot of brilliant stars that weren’t included on this list.

So we of course decided to come up with our own list of stars under 25 who we know and love! From music to models, we’ve seen a lot of great talent that definitely needs to be appreciated and recognized.

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Check out our own list of 25 stars under 25 in the gallery! Plus watch the People’s Choice Awards on January 11th.