Hey Global Grind Fam! We’re Cali Swag District and wanted to tell you guys a little bit about ourselves and our work ethic.


If I was asked how it is to be a “lab rat” there’s only one word that could describe it…FIRE! It’s a lot of fun but only if you are dedicated to being a “lab rat” because you are only here because you want to be here. It was a choice that’s made not forced. It makes for a great life experience because everyday there is always a story to tell and there is always something to do. The experiences when you are a “lab rat” is what you make of it.

Joining the Checkmate and Cali Swag District family has kept me from trouble caused by the streets. It took me away from non-productive individuals. It put me in a new environment that allowed me to put forth my energy into positive things and through music. I have always had a love for music especially because I used to DJ. Being here allowed me to chase a distant dream. Rapping used to be a hobby but now it has become my main focus. More importantly, it made my family pay more attention to me in a positive way. Just like any group, we don’t always agree on things. That’s what makes things hard sometimes. We argue, we disagree, we talk it out and in the end we have a common goal and that is to make music. Another difficulty I have is the constant pressure to think of ways to make songs…not just any songs but hit songs that will continue to please our fans.

To the kids that have a dreams…DREAM BIG. Never feel that it’s too big or impossible. More importantly, “Don’t let people that don’t feel the way you feel, change the way you feel!”



Having a “lab rat” work ethic has it’s ups and downs. A lot of times its fun because we get to kick it but at the same time we are at a place of business and getting work done. There are times when we have cold nights, especially when you are not feeling well. Pulling all nighters, sleeping on the floor because we’re too tired to go home when we get back from shows or rehearsals. But these small sacrifices make up for the fun and what we get in the long run.

Being a part of Cali Swag District has kept me from running the streets. I was hanging around the wrong crowd. Surrounded by people that had no direction and who did not have anything productive to do. Since I have been doing my music with CSD, I have found that I have become more mature and that my personality has changed. I’m more productive and positive.

Sometimes it gets hard though. Mostly during the times when you are sick. You don’t get the proper rest that your body needs to completely recover. That’s what I’m going through now as I write this. No matter what we have to keep on pushin’. Also, my eating habits got worse because of all the fast food we eat especially late at night. I miss the home cooked meals. To any kids out there that have a dream, I want to say to them that anything is possible. There is nothing that you can’t do and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Through hard work and determination it will happen. I’ve always wanted to be a rapper and I didn’t stop until it came true. Look at me now…



Being a “lab rat” is a lot of fun depending on who is around. I love doing music around a lot of girls. But in the midst of all the fun it can get very hectic because we see the same people everyday for hours on end. Sometimes it causes arguments but in the end it’s all a lot of fun. It can get very tiring because we are in the lab very early in the morning a

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