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Most of us know Eddie Murphy from his classic movies, his great characters and his ability to make us consistently crack up throughout his legendary career.

Now with new movie Tower Heist ready to hit theaters and a hosting gig at next year’s Oscars, many of us are wishing for the return of the Raw & Delirious Eddie Murphy. 

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While that may be high on people’s wish list, many things have changed. Eddie’s trademark laugh is gone. 

During his first print interview in many years, the 50-year-old actor tells Rolling Stone Magazine his trademark laugh just isn’t happening.

“I don’t laugh like that anymore, somehow it doesn’t come out,” he said.

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The Brooklyn born star explains:

“It’s weird to change something that’s as natural as that. But it started out as a real laugh, then it turned into people laughing because they thought my laugh was funny, and then there were a couple of times where I laughed because I knew it would make people laugh. Then it got weird. People came up to me and said, ‘Do that laugh,’ or if you laugh, someone turns around and goes, ‘Eddie?’ I just stopped doing it.”

The original bad boy of comedy is not so bad anymore. Negative reviews led Eddie to forgo reading the newspapers for 20 years, he doesn’t even use the computer. “I’m not that guy in the leather suit anymore,” he said.

So just who is Eddie Murphy today? 

He still packs a punch and gets edgy when he can, but Eddie would just rather say in the house than kick it in the clubs.

“I leave my house all the time,” he says. “But I’m not at all the Hollywood parties. I’m grown, and where else am I supposed to be? I’m supposed to be home.”

Eddie is an enigma, a living legend and quite possibly one of the funniest motherf*ckers on the planet, no matter which version of himself he might be channelling today.

SOURCE: Rolling Stone


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