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If you watch La La’s Full Court Life, you have undoubtedly fallen in love with her quirky BFF, Po.

The dynamic between La La, Po and La La’s cousin Dice is just what we love on our Monday nights.

Yes, we’re sad the show’s finale airs tonight, but we’re happy because it gave us a reason to chop it up with Po and get all the deets on what life was like when she first met La La. She even lets us in on what it’s like when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Check out our exclusive below!

GlobalGrind: Is there anything hilarious or crazy that happened while filming that didn’t make the cut?

Po: There’s a lot of things that were hilarious that didn’t make it to an episode. La’s a riot! I don’t know if you can tell, but she’s always up to something. She’s had quite a few moments where she’s literally moaned at the camera or said something inappropriate or I’m flashing somebody. We joke around a lot and we have a lot of fun.

There was a few conversations that might’ve happened that were not allowed and there was a lot of joking around with people behind the camera. I don’t know if that’s online or not, but if it was online it would be really, really funny.

One of the funniest scenes from La La’s Full Court Life was when you and Dice went out on the street and were gambling and hustling.

Oh, that was bad! You know I really tried hard and none of that was fake. That kid that beat us, he really beat us. We really took the kid’s money too, the other kid, so we made like seven bucks total.

We know Dice and La La are cousins but how did you meet La La?

The shortened version of it is I met La a few times when I was in college through one of her best friends, and then I ended up moving to New York because I wanted to pursue music and acting and I didn’t have anywhere to live per se. My friend found out when I was out here and they were one of La’s best friends at the time and she said, ‘come live with me’ and that’s what I did. 

I came to live with her but at the time I didn’t know she had a roommate and that roommate was La and I just popped up on La’s couch and she came in one day like, ‘When are you going home?’ but luckily she didn’t kick me out. She has a big heart. She welcomed me, not immediately, but after a couple weeks she welcomed me with open arms and that was really awesome and that’s how we became super tight!

Were there any moments you watched of yourself on TV and just cringed?

Oh my God, I cringed at myself quite a few times! There were a few moments where I needed my hair done, you know. I wish I would have got a wash and press but there were some moments where I might’ve said something that I didn’t want the world to know but, it’s only human.

What was one of your favorite moments or episodes?

Besides the one that is coming up, I think my favorite episode was the one that just aired, the Turks and Caicos episode. We were in Turks and not only that, but we really got a chance to have a heart-to-heart with Dice which I know La really wanted to do and I did too because she’s a good person and I know she harbors that responsibility. That was a great episode to have and I think it touched a lot of people who were watching.

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