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La La Anthony‘s cousin Dice grabbed our attention during La La’s wedding special that aired on VH1 last year. We saw La La give her cousin the makeover of a lifetime.

But, after seeing Dice on La La’s Full Court Life, we fell in love with her, makeup or not.

EXCLUSIVE: Po Went From La La’s Couch To Her Full Court Life!

The graduate student is hard at work, studying to get her masters in Occupational Safety and Health, but she still took the time to chop it up with us in honor of the show’s finale tonight.

Dice opened up about her newfound fame, inspiring others through her actions on the show and also what we missed when the cameras stopped rolling.

Check out our exclusive below!

What is it like having a portion of your life on TV? How do you feel about it?

At first it was a little different from the wedding show, just having people in your life and all that, but I’m fine with it. Especially this go ’round. This is my second time on TV, so it was a little bit more comfortable and relaxed.

Do you like the celebrity you’ve gotten from it?

It’s cool so far, but it definitely was an adjustment at first. Just going out and people recognizing who you are and wanting to speak or take pictures, that was weird for me because that’s always been my cousin. Everybody has always wanted to meet her and see her, so it was kind of weird when people started stopping me.

In one of the episodes you guys focused on your weight and tried yoga and boxing. Since then have you found a regime that works for you?

Right now I just joined the little local gym in the area I live in with a friend of mine. We go in there and workout together so she has the workout plan, how to use the machines and things like that. It’s just something I’m doing on my own and just trying to eat better as well. I stuck with that, other than the body cast (Laughs).

You guys didn’t even stay in it that long, did you?

No, and the lady that came to do it, she said normally you’re supposed to stay in there like a week or two weeks. There was no way! I know I couldn’t survive. I think the most I was in there was three hours and that was almost like death.

Your girlfriend was brought up on the show a couple of times. Did that cause tension for you?

No, it didn’t cause any tension because I let her know ahead of time everything the producers were planning on doing for the show and things they were going to be talking about. But, the funny thing is I’m single and us breaking up had nothing to do with the show.

What is one of your favorite moments from any of the episodes so far?

Definitely the Turks and Caicos episode. The trip was great. That was my first time going to Turks and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from that episode. Just so many people saying how that episode helped them or helped them deal with their situation that they’re going through. With my business being put out there, if I could just help one or two people then I’m fine with that. I think that was the best one for me, because it just seems like that was a positive episode.

Is there anything ridiculous or funny that happened that didn’t make it into any of the episodes that you can tell us about?

There’s so much because people don’t realize how much filming, how many hours and hours and hours of filming goes into having 10 seconds on a show. My cousin’s show is only 30 minutes, but we still filmed so much.

There were a lot of laughs everyday, so much stuff that did get edited. When I watch Monday nights I’m watching with everybody else, everything is new to me, I don’t get to see the editing process or anything like that. I can’t really pinpoint one thing because everyday there were so many laughs and good times, especially when me, my cousin and Po were together. Anything is liable to happen!

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