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Once again fans have been graced by Chris Brown’s biggest asset besides his dance moves, his penis. 

Being a fan of Chris, I can’t help but raise my eyebrows every time a picture of Chris’ penis pops up. 

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Whether it’s him on stage grabbing his penis or a naked leaked picture, Chris’ penis is quite entertaining to see. 

Chris Brown tweeted a picture of what was supposed to be his Halloween costume, but the only thing I could see was that “aliens” have really nice penises. 

Now, the sight of Chris Brown’s penis doesn’t arouse me necessarily, but let’s be honest, his penis is fun to look at. 

Fans and foes should do only one thing when they see a picture of Chris Brown’s penis, embrace it! Penis is natural. 

Every man has one, some smaller or larger than others, but every man has the same anatomy. 

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Chris Brown’s penis deserves its own name. “Slim Breezy” seems to be the perfect fit for his man part. So from now on, when Chris Brown’s penis makes another appearance, just call him slim.

At the end of the day, when all the penis pictures and tweets keep popping up on the internet, I think fans should love it.

Penis is natural and it’s normal, maybe not to share publicly, but who shares things in private anymore? 

People like penis, just like they like Chris Brown. So can I get a hell to the yeah 3x for Chris Brown’s penis?!!

And before you roll your eyes or turn away from the next Chris Brown penis pic, just remember that penis is pleasant, penis is popping, penis is phenomenal, and most importantly penis is pleasurable. 

~Brittany Lewis

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