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As this Tiger Woods story grows, race is becoming and will become a bigger issue. For Tiger and Elin, race has nothing to do with it. But, for many, many onlookers, race is becoming the central theme for discussion. Proof that we are not in a post racial society is hearing a lot of people and a lot of gossip sites saying…”if Tiger was with a black girl” or “if Tiger was married to a Puerto Rican.” I don’t care who Tiger is married to. A woman, no matter what race, will smash your windshield if she finds out that you got girls all over the country.  Whether they use a golf club, a football helmet, a baseball bat or a preacher’s wife using a heavy cross…you can say hello to the guys at auto body shop for me.


Not for a second do I think that Tiger and Elin are thinking about race. The pain is not a racial pain, but it is a human pain. A pain to reconcile or split. A pain to discuss why mommy and daddy are in the news. A pain to go out in public again. Hearing people say that “this white girl is gonna take him to the cleaners,” is absurd. This has nothing to do with the fact that Elin is white, this is all about lawyers, accountants, agents and business advisors. That little pocket change he is negotiating with his wife right now, $55m to stay for 2 years or $5m to leave, is offensive. Tiger’s lucky he’s not negotiating with Kimora Lee.


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