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Growing up is overrated, especially when you can just get down! 

MUSIC: Cher Lloyd Addresses Her Haters In “Swagger Jagger”

That’s basically the gist of what Cher Lloyd is saying in her new Busta Rhymes assisted track, “Grow Up.”

MUSIC: Estelle “Break My Heart (Remix Part 1)” Featuring Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz And Jadakiss 

“Grow Up,” which is off of the 18-year-old British rap star’s debut album, Sticks and Stones, is a catchy, fun electronic sounding track that has a sort of a Caribbean kind of rhythm to it.

On the track she sing-raps: “I got a flow that’ll make you drop got a flow that’ll make you pop I got a flow that’ll make your mother and your father call the cops.”

After Cher’s two verses, Busta, who has to be in the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame off of guest appearances alone, comes through and does his usual tongue-twisting rap.  

We’re definitely feeling this, and it has us excited to hear the rest of Sticks and Stones, which drops this Tuesday!

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