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R&B singer Lloyd has been killing the game for years now, and he’s back to set the record straight. 

After dropping his album King Of Hearts this summer, Lloyd has been on a mission to steal the hearts of all his lady fans on Lil Wayne’s “I Am Still Music” Tour.

GlobalGrind caught up with the singer to talk about bad blood with Irv Gotti, his favorite moments on tour, beautiful women, and of course his music. 

Check out the exclusive interview below!

GlobalGrind: So, you dropped your video “Dedicated to My Ex,” back in September? And it was a very different video as far as what everybody else is putting out. What was kind of like your inspiration?

Lloyd: Different being good or bad? [laughs]

Good. Like most of the time it’s girls with big booties walking around.

She had a fat ass. [laughs] 

So are there any exes that you would ever want to give a dedication to?


So what have you been up to lately, besides promoting your album and doing shows?

Well, I just got off of tour with Lil Wayne.  The I Am Still Music Tour. It’s a great tour. Had a lot of fun.

What’s been your favorite moment while touring?

Drunk people. Just random drunk people at different shows. People are very, very intriguing when they are intoxicated.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve done when your drunk?

I think that would be a good question to ask like friends or people that I hang out with. Got kicked out the club in Miami.

We heard Irv Gotti’s interview with Sway from MTV and it wasn’t nice. Is there ever a time when there’s no drama?

Nah, I just wish people would let me live, but… 

Is it just apart of the game?

I think the moment I figure that out will be the moment I’ll be much more happy. I don’t know, why do people do a lot of things?

What was the last thing you dreamt about? Do you remember your last dream?

Yeah, I just had a dream last night where my cousin, who’s like really f*cking animal crazy, right—I mean you go to his house and it’s a fucking pet sanctuary.  He’s got like parrots flying around, fish, dogs training in the backyard. He puts his sleeve on his arm so the dog could bite him.  He’s crazy. He’s nuts, right. I had a dream last night that this motherf*cker bought a alligator, a pet alligator and kept trying to put the alligator in the room where I was at. And I just kept on saying ”keep me away from that f*cking alligator.”

Did you pet him?

Yeah, yeah. Totally. He didn’t like eat me alive and then I woke up. It wasn’t nothing like that. It was pretty…

Weird ass dream. If you can be any animal, what animal would you be?

What animal would I be? Shit, I’m already a animal, man. A human. You know, the worst kind, chronologic and brazen but primitive in nature.


So are you working on another album right now?

No way! Are you crazy? Are you nuts? Are you insane?

I know how you artist do. You drop an album and you’re back in the studio. You live in the studio.

I spent the last two years making that album. That album is going to live for a minute. I’m recording all the time, it’s because I just can’t not record. Or be creative. And then, you know, life gets really bland at times, really monotonous. So, you know, I need to add color to it, so I go to studio, often times just to record nothing that will ever come out. You know? But I have been recording some new music. I plan to maybe put out a Christmas EP. You know what I mean?

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

Oh, I would probably say “Little Drummer Boy” by Jackson 5.

Who’s somebody that you really want to work with that you have not got the chance to work with yet?Jigga. Jigga man, Jay-Z.Do you have a celebrity crush?

Yeah, Shakira.

She’s amazing. 

Well she’s confident, sexy and natural. And she’s free. She’s like unprohibited. Have you ever seen her perform, she takes her shoes off. She’s awesome. 


Can you tell me something that most people don’t know about you? 

I’m a jokester. I always like to crack on people. Don’t really mean nothing by it, but I just like to Jone a lot.  I don’t think a lot of people know that until they meet me. And then I may something and they have their moment of “do I get offended or do I laugh? Or do I crack back? Or what?”

If I was a genie and I could give you three wishes, what would your three wishes be?

I wish that all car airbags would be replaced with boobies.

That’s a good one.

Really, what if some double Ds came out when you got in a accident. That would be awesome. Another wish would be, I would wish for peace.

Peace on Earth?

Amongst the human race. I would wish for no war, that kind of thing. And I would probably, I would wish that I could spend time with my father, who was murdered when I was a kid.

Who are the top 5 R&B singers of all time, besides yourself?

Of all time? Jesus Christ, that’s impossible. That’s impossible.

Your favorite?

R&B? Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Marvin Gaye. Was Sam Cooke considered R&B? He is?Yeah.Sam Cooke. What’s that four? I’m missing something. Prince? Yep, there we go. There we go. 


Would you rather not be able to sing or to have sex? That’s a hard one?

Having sex and fucking and making love is all the same shit?


And this is all sex, oral, everything?

You can pleasure yourself, but no contact with another girl.

There’s only one kind of singing a guy can do in this world. There are many types of sex. I would have to—I would give this shit up and work at Starbucks. For real though. 

What do you like in a woman? 

Definitely a physical attraction is always first, usually the first. I always really had a affection for women who… 

With big boobies?

I was going to say talented not titties. [laughs] But maybe big titties is their talent. [laughs]


No, women who are talented of some sort.  And I would say confidence.

Is there anything else that you want to share with your fans?

I just want to thank them, I just want to say thank you very much for believing in me.  And, I just want to say that this was a great year for me. But it’s not over. So, keep it locked to Global Grind. Right? Right? 

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