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**GG Exclusive**


Hi Global Grind world!


It’s always exciting for me to connect with new people.  We are four episodes into the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta and I have been doing so many interviews.  I can say it’s refreshing to blog and actually share my own point of view without the media spin on it.

I am happy to say that I have garnered some favorable media coverage this season. And, I genuinely appreciate the love and support from fans and the media alike.


But, I have to say that I am thoroughly disappointed by irresponsible sites like   


They just post any and everything without checking facts or ever speaking directly to the parties they are posting about. This week they said that I am fighting to have my sons appear on my show.


Nothing could be further from the truth. I have and always will have my three sons (EJ, Justin & Jordan) best interest at heart. I am in on-going legal litigation with the father of my two oldest sons’ and we are working through it for the sake of our children.


But, through it all…I have Ed, the most supportive husband on the planet. So, trust me. there is a lot of prayer going on in our home. And, we know everything will work itself out. So, in spite of irresponsible journalism.. TRUTH will always prevail.


I look forward to blogging more and keep watching Real Housewives of Atlanta!


Also, stay tuned for my Closet Freak Clothing Line debut and speaking engagements possibly in your city!


Love, Lisa