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On the scale of importance subjects in this world I can’t believe I’m actually writing about social network fights aka twitter wars or beef. I like to say, misunderstandings, but because of overwelming questions I got from a recent situation that I personally encountered, I’d like to take a moment to recap.



This past Labor Day weekend, Sept 6th, Ice and I were at the 15th Anniversary Warp Tour in LA. Ice was performing with Bodycount, his rockband. Ashlee Simpson
Wentz was there and during the event she wrote on her Twitter that Ice is an embarrassment and how can people think he’s cool. (see her tweets above) We didn’t know she wrote this until the next day when my twitter got bombared with my fans telling me what Ashlee said.



Now usually I stay quiet and let things just fizzle out but that comment made me mad and I wrote back in defense for my man.

I think anybody would have stuck up for a loved one. Well, the next thing you know in one day all her tweets disappeared, her whole page went blank. I feel enough people were on mine and Ice’s side got at her so abruptly she just erased everything.



Also, I think people in her camp told her that was an uncool thing to say and she thought about it…I’m sorry my words may have been a little harsh towards her but it was instant reaction.

In a celebrities world they never get to express their feelings until websites like twitter came along. They are so used to being edited that the correct story never comes out right and everything gets misconstrued. In a sense, this is why their own blog or twitter page comes in handy. The unfortunate fact is a lot of people truly enjoy watching and engaging in any agruments or beef that happens on the net. On the good side it allows celebrities to respond directly in their own words to comments made to and about them. But really it is only news when two high profile people go at it.

It should be understood that in today’s world of internet, any words, pictures or videos can be re-edited, photoshopped, twisted, and spun in anyway that the person posting it desires.

Therefore, the internet is full of a lot of facts and also, a lot of lies.

When all said is done in the scope of things, fighting on the net is stupid but hey, even I have fallen victim in defense and support for my hubby.

Until my next thought…

Love, Coco

PS.  I was blown away by all my twitter support. Thank you, I didn’t even know you cared! You’re awesome!

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