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Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was once again off the chain.

It started off with a heated conversation between Rick and Shane as the search for Sofia continues.

Darryl, the handy kick ass redneck suffered a fall that almost took his life, when his horse got scared and sent him flying down a cliff into a stream. 

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During the fall, an arrow from his crossbow ended up piercing Darryl through the side when he landed in the stream. While down and out, he began to hallucinate and saw his dead brother Meryl, who came back in all his racist fury.

While Meryl brought Rick, Democrats and “N*ggers,” Zombies aka Walkers, almost ate Darryl alive. But due to quick thinking, you can see below he was able to fight them off. 

After Darryl cleared the butterflies from his head he was able to make it back to the camp, only to be shot by trigger happy gun newbie Lori. This sparked Twitter to go nuts with almost unanimous calls for her death! 

It’s crazy how a show can make people on Twitter say and do the wildest things. 

Speaking of wild thing Herschel, the guy who opened his home to Rick and his friends was doing some wild business as well. The show went off with Glen finding a barn full of Zombies!

Who would have thought he was a hoarder of zombies? 

Check out gallery and see what Twitter had to say about this week’s Walking Dead.