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Turn the f*ckin’ beat up! 

Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes are back at it once again. Busta and Chris Brown teamed up for Busta’s new track “Why Stop Now.”

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The Sak Pase-produced track is riddled with Busta’s usual tongue twisting rhymes and Chris Brown’s rap talent.

“Why Stop Now” kicks off with Chris Brown rapping, “yeah, we can do anything/walk in anywhere and buy anything/I be chillin, I ain’t worried about anything/why stop now, I can have everything/ I can have everything.” 

Busta Rhymes riddles, “every single time I get up in the building then I touch it and I get it poppin’ you can never stop it.”

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Rapping a 100 miles a minute, Busta Rhymes laughs “I want to see ya’ll do that on YouTube.” 

“Why Stop Now” is definitely the perfect collaboration for Chris and Busta. 

Busta’s been busy lately, he recently signed to Lil Wayne’s YMCMB camp, so fans can definitely expect more hot fire from Busta in the near future. 

Take a listen to “Why Stop Now” below!