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After a video of UC Davis students being pepper sprayed on campus went viral yesterday, bringing a lot of negative attention to the university and tis Chancellor, Linda Katehi, the lady at the helm held a press conference for herself and the police to discuss the controversial incident.

During the press conference, a large crowd of student protesters and their supporters interrupted the event, demanding a response regarding Friday’s brutal pepper spraying incident, along with her resignation.  At first, the boss-lady wouldn’t leave the building, claiming that her personal security was at jeopardy.

VIDEO: GTFOH! Police Pepper Spray Peaceful College Protesters

Finally, the students left her alone in the press conference, but didn’t let her leave unnoticed.  In a defiant act of protest, the students, arm-in-arm, sat outside the building and made it very clear that they wanted to be heard, yet they didn’t say a word as Katehi walked to her car.

The eery video shows the Chancellor walking to her car and we can definitely hear every step of her high heels, as the students just look at her.  At one point she tells the press that she will address the students at Monday’s General Assembly. 

UPDATE: Two UC Davis police officers have been placed on administrative leave following Friday’s incident. SOURCE: [KCBS News]

The Occupy movement lives on!


In case you missed it, here is the footage when the students got sprayed down by the UC Davis 5-0.

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