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After Marc Jacobs stated that the greatest honor he received was being immortalized as Eric Cartman’s “Muscle Man Marc” doll on South Park, he then announced that the doll would be his next tattoo. 

Never a man to go against his word, Marc has gone through with it and actually had the doll inked on his right forearm.

STORY: META: Marc Jacobs To Get Tat Of Himself In Honor Of “South Park” Appearance!

Yesterday, Marc posted the tattoo artist’s set up during the tattooing process to his Instagram. We are not quite sure who the tattoo artist was, however if we had to guess we would say that the honor went to world famous tattoo artist, Scott Campbell who collaborated with Marc on Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection of bags and accessories. Campbell has done most of Marc Jacobs’ other tattoos and was even referred by Jacobs to Kanye West for his tattoos.

VIDEO: Marc Jacobs Made An Appearance On South Park…As A Doll

Later on, the picture of the actual tattoo was posted to Instagram and it looks just like Cartman’s beloved doll.  

In addition to “Muscle Man Marc,” Jacobs also has himself “Simpsonized” on his left arm. Although Jacobs was not actually on The Simpsons like he was on South Park, he was drawn by the show’s creator, Matt Groening for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

Take a look at Marc Jacob’s “Muscle Man Marc” tattoo in the gallery above!