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At only 17, Asher Heimermann plans to run for Mayor of Sheboygan, Wisconsin against incumbent Bob Ryan in a recall election.

Asher got his 200 signatures required and will be 18 by the time the election rolls around so he will most definitely will be placed on the ballot. Also, this kid is not holding back in any way, shape or form.

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Asher has already begun campaigning, and according to the Sheboygan Press, he said that it is time for Sheboygan to move forward.

The humorous part here is that Asher has created a fake Twitter account representing Bob Ryan, @MayorBobRyan, his opponent in the race. Under the Twitter account, Asher is having the Mayor label himself as an incompetent fool. The Mayor is taking legal action and plans on suing the minor for his actions. The two have also gotten physical in Sheboygan’s Common Council Chambers.

Asher has responded to his behavior saying-

“I guess I wanted to make light of the humorous situation and poke fun at his attitude he has with the city…”

The attitude Asher is speaking of certainly exists. Mayor Ryan admits to being an alcoholic, has had an incident of public drunkenness, passed out in front of a tavern and got into a fight. So, seriously, how did this guy get elected?

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It’s shocking that Asher attends Sheboygan South High School and is not even eligible to vote. The kid isn’t just some political joke, though. He has been involved in politics since he was 14-years-old.

He has letters from Vice President Dick Cheney, State Senator Joe Lieberman, Senator Herb Kohl, the fire commisioner of New York City and many more elected officials. He is also an intern at the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce.

His campaigning style certainly isn’t traditional but it’s definitely garnered him some attention. This humorous way of approaching politics by Asher may be what’s needed for the city of Sheboygan. 

Below is the video of the scuffle between Asher and Mayor Ryan. Check it out…

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