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Victoria’s Secret BIG SHOW is airing tonight on CBS and in honor of this prestigious event, we decided to travel back to 1977, the year the celebrated lingerie line was born.

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1977 was a helluva a year for humanity: disco was in full swing, Superman fought Ali, the Raiders defeated the Vikings, Apple Computer was founded, Legionnaires bacteria was identified, Star Wars hit theatres and Victoria’s Secret launched after a man felt really uncomfortable and uninformed in a lingerie shop.

All types of craziness was happening around the world, but none matched the shenanigans happening in one of the Victoria’s Secret catalogs that year.

The one we found had several themes occurring at once, most of them have a Sapphic connotation that’s reminiscent of a late night Cinemax soft core porn showcase.

Here’s what we learned from this catalog: In 1977 women had hair in their nether regions and having a lil gut was OK as long as you knew how to play the fiddle.

A different kind of VS woman will be on display tonight at the 2011 VS Fashion Show airing on CBS at 10pm!

Catalog pages are in the gallery above.