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R&B singer Olivia Longott is one of the most outspoken cast members on VH1’s hit series Love And Hip-Hop, and she’s here to say her piece. 

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GlobalGrind caught up with the busy songstress to ask her about her music career struggles, dating Maino, beef with Somaya and of course, the infamous fight between castmates Chrissy Lampkin and Kimbella

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Check out our exclusive interview below!

GlobalGrind: What were you thinking when Kimbella revealed that she dated Fabolous?

Olivia: Obviously we were all in a state of shock. We weren’t expecting her to say that, but me knowing Chrissy, I knew it would’ve turned for the worst because her and Kimbella started having a few words. I really don’t want to say anything without giving away what was said during the conversations between the two of them, but Chrissy’s going to do what she wants to do regardless and I tried to stop her, but that was the result of it.

What is like putting part of your life on TV? Have you gotten used to it?

Sometimes it’s difficult because I want to be as private as I can, but obviously I can’t with the show. That’s probably the hardest part because I am a closed person, so it’s difficult for me trying to open up in front of the world.

Last season you had some drama with Somaya, does that continue in this season?

No, not at all, besides me cracking jokes on her. You’ll see that because we had a conversation for the first time. Obviously we never had one first season and you’ll see what I said to her.

We’re going to see and hear more of your music, right?

Yes, thank God you will! You’ll see a lot more of the music, you’ll see me with producers as well, you’ll see more shows, you’ll see the writing process, you’ll see a whole bunch of things. You also see the dynamic between me and Rich as we go forward on this journey, whether or not if we stay independent or take the deal. So you’re going to have to watch to see what we do.

What is it like working with your manager Rich, you guys have known each other for a pretty long time.

Yeah, we’ve been working together for about two years now and it’s good, as you see. Rich is really passionate and he can be really emotional but you want that in a manager. You want someone who believes and you want somebody who’s going to stand for something. 

Do you think it’s a lot of pressure trying to bounce back into the music industry?

Not really, because I don’t think I left. But I think the only difference with me trying to rebrand from the whole G-Unit thing, that was probably the biggest issue.

What about the pictures of you and Maino that hit the web, do you know where they came from?

(Laughs). Yeah it came from him, but it’s all good. They’re old. Like I’ve told people before, I’m in a relationship now so I’m all good.

Who would you say you’re closest to out of all the cast?

That’s a hard one because we have some new girls on the show and one new girl is Yandy Smith who was actually a part of my management team a few years back and I’ve known Yandy for about 7 or 8 years now, even though Chrissy and I have gotten close during last season. It’s kind of funny because I’m in the middle of their beef. That’s a tough one, I’m going to stick with both of them.

What are you playing in your iPod right now?

That’s a weird one. Lenny Kravitz, Jay-Z, Trey Songz, R. Kelly.

What’s your favorite food?

Shrimp Scampi.

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter?

Kevin Hart.

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