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The video for “International Love,” the collaborative effort from Pitbull and Chris Brown, doesn’t drop until tomorrow.  However, you can catch a glimpse of what to expect with this 30-second teaser clip.  

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The clip is relatively short, but we get enough to see the route they are taking. The video uses a ton of special effects to create this very modern and stylish looking futuristic backdrop. 

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What’s not special effects, however, is the ladies — and this video is full of ladies who dance it up with the two main stars, who are decked out in matching suits (with Chris Brown rocking blonde hair, of course.) 

We can’t wait to see the full thing. “International Love” is the fourth single off of Pitbull’s sixth album, Planet Pit, which dropped back in June. 

How excited are you for this video? Watch the clip and then let us know!