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Nicki Minaj has never been caught with her wig, makeup, or manicure game slipping and with her latest release of her OPI nail polish line, she is making sure that her Barbies can emulate her manicure style, too.

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The official ads for the launch of Nicki’s line hit the web and features the rap star in a downplayed version of the metal dress she wore to the VMAs earlier this year. The look was created by Ford Artists and Miami stylist Jessica Bosch to showcase Nicki’s line.

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Nicki is wearing the “Metallic 4 Life” color from her line that also features the colors “Super Bass Shatter,” Flyand, of course, “Pink Friday.” 

The lacquer line will be at your fingertips within a month as they are expected to have a January 2012 launch.

Check out Nicki looking futuristically stunning in her OPI ads above.