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23-year-old South African woman Nobanda Nolubalo was obviously not thinking of the harsh consequences of drug smuggling when she was arrested and held in Bangkok,Thailand yesterday.

Nolubalo was caught with 3.3 pounds of cocaine … in her dreadlocks!

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Customs officers were caught off guard by the suspicious white substances coming from Nolubabalo’s hair and took her into custody to closely inspect the matted white drug in her dreadlocks. 

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As reported by The Namibian, Nolubablo admitted to smuggling the drugs because she was allegedly hired by a Thailand-based businessman to work as a drug mule for 60,000 baht, which is only $1900 U.S. Dollars.

Nobanda Nolubalo’s arrest follows the execution of another South African citizen smuggling drugs in Southeast Asia. Thailand is known for have tough drug laws, so was $1900 really worth risking your life?