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Grammy Award winning producer Bangladesh not only sells beats for a living, but he also sells swag. 

Bangladesh has been pretty busy swagging out Justin Bieber, but he’s also been helping Rihanna become a little more cocky. 

EXCLUSIVE: Bangladesh Reveals How He Made Rihanna Cocky!

Bangladesh and his artist Candice Pillay cooked up Rihanna’s swagged out banger “Cockiness” on her new album Talk That Talk

There’s a track on Rihanna’s Talk That Talk that sounds like a Bangladesh banger, but of course, it’s just a wanna-be copying his style. 

GlobalGrind sat down with Bangladesh to talk about other producers copying his sound, his favorite artists, as well as his musical inspirations.

Check out the exclusive interview below! 

How do you feel when you hear upcoming or producers take your sound or borrow something that you do and put it in their music?

They say imitation is a form of flattery, but I’ve got mixed emotions about it. It makes my job harder because you create something, now you have to think about it, change it and switch it up and every time you change it, they following you. You have to keep thinking of different poles to go through and paths to make, so the job is the hardest because you doing it first… (Laughs). So it’s deeper than just what people see because when they bite, it just puts too much of that sound out there until it congests the market to where when I do it, I can’t even do my own thing. ‘Ahh, there he go again with that beat…’ So I have to keep changing it, but I’ve been pretty alright with changing it up though.

Out of all of the people that you’ve worked with, who’s been your favorite person to be in the studio with?

Brandy was fun to work with. Gucci is always fun to work with, he’s just so easy, most artists are too technical, ‘I gotta be like this. I gotta have all green M&M’s’ and sh*t like that… It’s good when the artist really likes you and rocks with you. Brandy really loves Bangladesh music, loves it to the point where it’s fun to work with her. Gucci he just easy, turn on anything and he writes.

Who are some of your inspirations musically?

My inspirations were dudes that are like myself. Those that changed the game when motherf*kers were doing their sh*t, Timbaland, Organized Noise, Devonte, Jodeci and that’s what really did it for me. Timbaland and Organized Noise, like Aaliyah album and Outkast…that just changed my life.

What three albums would you bring to a deserted album?

Three albums? Definitely would bring Nas. I would bring Biggie’s second album Life After Death. That’s two albums in one, so I definitely cheated you. I’ll bring Illmatic, Nas and I’ll bring probably have to balance it with Lauryn Hill or something. No, the Fugees first album…No the Fugees second album, The Score.

Who are the hottest artists in the game right now? 

Hottest in the game that I feel are Future and 2Chainz aka Tity Boi.The are the two youngest, hard working artist that consistently come with something. I like the white girl Iggy Azalea too. She got a lot of swag. I like J. Cole. I like Wale, Meek Millz…

When’s the last time that you’ve gotten super excited over a beat? Do you have any beats that are your babies?

I think most of them, because I put my all in all of them. I try to make them all important like that. Last time I got excited over a beat, probably the Rihanna joint. All the new stuff I’ve been doing, all of the Brandy stuff, everything I be doing really now I get excited over. Rihanna though I think is a game changer, I think it’s pushing the envelope. The right visual to pull the track out. I think people are going to try to bite that style.

Do you ever save or hold a beat?

Definitely, just because you want the beat, don’t mean that you going to get the beat. Got to be the right play for me. There are a lot of things that you don’t want to fall victim to because you gave a motherf**ker a beat and he pays you the money and you done cashed the check, spent that sh*t and he going the contract situation with the label or they ain’t releasing no projects. It’s just a waste of time.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with us? Let us know anything else that you’re working on?

I’m working on my album, it’s a dope album. All great beats, great songs with great features.