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As most hip-hop fans know, there are a lot of rappers who have really “been there, done that, run that,” and then, there’s rappers who say they’ve “been there, done that, run that.” 

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Being one of the realest rappers in the game, Young Jeezy shared his thoughts on rappers who like to embellish on their war stories and exaggerate all their guts and glory. 

GlobalGrind sat down with Young Jeezy to ask him about rappers who aren’t living the stories they tell and his opinion on being titled the “realest” rapper in the game. 

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Check out the exclusive interview below!

Everybody knows you’re the realest rapper in the game. A lot of these rappers exaggerate stories…

A lot of these rappers aren’t rapping about their lives. You just know they’re good at what they do. Some people are good at touching people in other ways. Yeah and it’s about that. A n*gga beating on a lunch table rapping, you know damn well he didn’t shoot anybody last night. But he going to shoot five motherf*ckers in his rap. That’s what it’s always been about. Rap changed my life so much, because what these other rappers talk about, it was really my life. I just think there’s no other way to tell someone other than to show them.

Do you ever wake up like, “Yo, I can’t believe I’m Young Jeezy”?

Nah, I was famous at the Chevron baby. I was always that n*gga. 

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