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Jessica Burciaga is denying the allegations that she broke up Kobe’s marriage.

She tweeted, “The ppl who know the least about a situation talk so much sh*t ..Geez go get a life of ur own.”

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While she might not be the reason Vanessa Bryant decided to divorce Kobe after 10 years of marriage, she did admit she loves her some Kobe. 

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In an interview Jessica said, “I love basketball, Kobe… I mean The Lakers.” Freudian slip?

So with the rumors floating around the world wants to know, just who is Jessica Burciaga?

Well, her Twitter bio states she’s a ‘Playboy Playmate Miss February, Maxim, Glamour Model, Host, Animal Lover, Cook, Hopeless Romantic.’ 

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She wasn’t always a famous Playmate, but she wound up on the path to bunny status from her brother, Blake.

She reveals, “He subscribed to Stuff Magazine at the time and they were holding a contest for local models. I figured I’d give it a shot, but since I had no experience whatsoever, I wasn’t expecting a response. We sent in a few pictures and about a month later they called wanting to fly me to New York to shoot their “Neighborhood Knockout” section. I had a full-page feature in the August 2005 issue and later went on to win the contest.”

Talk about a come up! So now Jessica is a model and any dreams of her having a “regular job” are done. Jessica believes that modeling has made her lazy, “I just can’t get up in the morning, or be on time,” she said. 

But Jess is still doing her thing as a world famous model – a model who gets to travel the world, meet new people and see her work on newsstands all over the globe. 

This is a far journey from when she worked as a part time blackjack dealer at the Playboy Club.

Well except the skimpy outfits. “I think they made up a new dress code policy just for me! Everything from showing too much cleavage and to my ripped jeans below my butt cheeks, skirts too short and tops that showed too much tummy.”

We appreciate the skimpy outfits.

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