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Kanye is known for his love of high fashion, but lately he seems to be showing a little extra love to one particular house in the world of haute couture: Givenchy!

Earlier last week ‘Ye went to Twitter to express his feelings about his perfect world, twitpic-ing the latest couture pieces from the articulate fashion house Givenchy.

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“In my perfect world, every girl gets married in Givenchy couture,” ‘Ye tweeted.

Last night Kanye went to Twitter again to tweet some pics of New Years looks he would love to see from Givenchy – take notes ladies!

Now some may find it a little odd that Kanye keeps exposing his likes for this one and particular fashion house when he now has his own womenswear line out, but we don’t find it odd at all.

We respect his admiration of the fashion world as a whole and know this will only better him as a designer. 

Check out the images Kanye tweeted from the house of Givenchy above, he’s got amazing taste!