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So someone has a bun in the oven! It’s Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods‘ former mistress.

The 36-year-old tweeted some pics last night, showing off her five months along baby bump.

Rachel was the first woman to come out as one of the golf player’s secret lovers during his series of affairs, but it looks like she’s definitely moving on with her life.

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Rachel announced that she was preggo and it looks like the father isn’t Tiger Woods. Instead it’s her husband Matt Hahn who also appears in her Twitter photos.

The lovebirds secretly tied the knot in October and have been living together in San Francisco ever since.

Things seem to be on the right track since the two took a romantic vacay to Mexico for the holidays.

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The former sidechick tweeted: “Expecting big things for 2012… Five down, Four months to go.”

So it looks like the bundle of joy is due in April. Congrats!