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Does the “F*ck Da City” up track with T.I. and Young Jeezy, off of the new TIP mixtape of the same name, have you all excited about a possible collabo album between the two? It should.

VIDEO: 2 Chainz & T.I. “Spend It” Remix 

The thing is we might not see one for some time.

During a interview with Power 106 L.A., T.I. was asked about a possible collaboration album between the two trap-rappers. 

TIP had this to say when asked about a possible Watch The Throne-style album: 

“Jeezy and I, man, we have discussed doing a collaborative album. Right now, man, we’re both focused on putting Atlanta back on top where we once knew it to be. In my absence, I’ve seen the city take a backseat, if you will, to other areas and other regions. I’m not trying to sleight nobody’s efforts or nobody’s contributions to the game, but I know what my city represents and I know what my city’s capable of. And if I feel like we’re not living up to our full potential, I’m going to gather all the cats who I know who supposed to ride for the town like I ride and we gon’ get it back right. So that’s what we focused on right now. After we do that, then we can focus on anything else. But first is first.”

Tip has his eyes on the prize and he’s not willing to slow his roll anytime soon. But who know? It could happen.