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My blogs haven’t been as frequent as when I first started.  I think at some point, the more you know, the angrier you get. The angrier I got, the more defeated I felt as a civilian against “Big Brother”.  Its like, how do they get away with this shi*? Why aren’t people taking to the streets?  What happened to the days of Nam?

Last week, cozy on my couch, I decided to catch a little Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. I’ve been preparing to go back to school this week and have been missing the news along with all of my regularly scheduled programming lately. I have become accustomed to the Hollyweird driven divisive causing ad nausea looped skewed “news” Corporate owned stations have been trying to ram down my throat. It’s sad to say that I feel my only Cronkite honest news I get now a days are my podcasts of News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Bill Moyers Journal and The Daily Show But, I’m glad the channel surfing Gods led me to MSNBC and Maddow. 

The opening story was in regards to Arizona’s recent passing of the SB 1070, the widely controversial anti-immigration law. After weeks and weeks of interminable coverage, only recently has the ball dropped on this blatantly obvious illegal conflict-of-interest law. Which, by the way, just proves my earlier point of the elementary level of “journalism” these so-called news shows vomit. The conflict of interest I am talking about is the unearthing of Ariz. Gov. Jan Brewer’s political advisors being lobbyist for CCA, the largest private corrections facilities in America.  They own six facilities in Arizona alone.


Paul Senseman, Brewer’s Deputy Chief of Staff, not only was a former lobbyist for CCA but his wife is a current lobbyist. Chuck Coughlin, who manages her campaign, is the president of the HighGround Public Affairs Consultants, a PR company that lobby’s for CCA.  Hmm, a PR firm, I wonder where the fear mongering and grossly overstated lies about this urgency for immigration reform came from. I mean, it had the country believing Mexican drug cartels were on the verge of overthrowing the government and illegals were running rampant through the streets. When actual research and polls have shown time and again that immigration has dropped 70% since 2000 and so has crime in Arizona. 

But Arizona politicians, and other border states officials have continued this rhetoric that immigrants are pouring in, taking our jobs, and are apparently responsible for headless bodies that are popping up in the desert. A claim made by the Governor and other Republicans on FOX NEWS that has been widely repudiated. Brewer (AZ) is up for re-election this year and when confronted on the head-less bodies claim by her opponent and then afterwards by reporters in a recent debate, Brewer was mum, staring aimlessly like a deer in headlights. 

I’m accustomed at this point to the usual racist, blame illegal immigration for the lack of jobs, etc. talking points that politicians roll out during election season because it’s easier then taking responsibility on the reality of things.


For example, lack of jobs because your scaring people and tourism away from your state with headless body claims, gets pinned on a rise of immigration for the sudden shortage. But, SB1070 always seemed like too