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Oh sh*t!

EXCLUSIVE: Yelawolf Talks Machine Gun Kelly Beef & White Kids Getting Rap Passes!

To all fans who think it’s cool to bum rush your favorite rapper, think again! You will get punched in the face, well at least by Yelawolf you will. 

While performing in Santa Ana, California, an unruly fan seen crowd surfing in the video hopped up on stage and attempted to tackle Shady Records rapper Yelawolf. 

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The fan actually succeeded at knocking Yelawolf down, but as soon as Yela gained his composure, he came out swinging. He served up the douchebag a few right hooks right before security whisked the man off stage! If he was trying to hurt Yelawolf, it back fired tremendously. 

All the action kicks off at :45 in the video. Check out Yelawolf go Floyd Mayweather on his fan in the video above!