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Fashion’s biggest designers unite behind Obama’s reelection campaign!

She might be the head of the fashion industry, but when it comes to political views and presidential campaigns, Vogue boss lady Anna Wintour doesn’t play games!

Anna’s latest effort is called Runway To Win and is similar to a fundraising event called Runway To Change done back in 2008, in which top designers unveiled their inaugural collections branded with President Barack Obama, along with great

Vote for Change logos.

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This time around, Anna rounded up 22 designers to create apparel and accessories for Obama’s benefit victory win once again. 

Designers like Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, Jason Wu, Alexander Wang and Russell Simmons are creating Obama-branded tees, bags and other apparel expected to go on sale this Thursday, January 12th.

This is great for fashion and we might add that apparel with meaning is even more irresistible to buy, therefore we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

Check out great images of celebrities sporting Obama apparel in the gallery above.

SOURCE: Styleite