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We are CES’d Out!

Today we decided to take a look at some of the vehicles on display at CES 2012! Some of them offered ways to save the planet as well as the economy.

We’re not interested in any of that because our brain is fried from all the radiation the gadgets are broadcasting.

STORY: LL Cool J Explains What A Boomdizzle Is At CES 2012

There are many, many, many vehicles to see here. Some are strange, some are funny looking, all grab attention. Some are hoping for a comeback, while others are aiming for innovation, in addition to some razzle dazzle.

So, while we had some downtime, we trekked to some parking lots, some booths and tried to wrap our head around the automotive market to see what’s out there and what’s catching people’s eyes. Not that we can drive, mind you. 

Anyhow, the coolest thing we saw was the white Lambo tricked out by Nvidia and the Jeep from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and a silver number published by Monster. Enjoy!


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