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Melanie Fiona can’t breathe without the love of her life. 

EXCLUSIVE! Melanie Fiona: “Dudes Don’t Try To Holla At Me”

Melanie pours her little broken heart out on her new soulful ballad about love lost and ending up on the “Wrong Side Of A Love Song.”

Melanie sings “Where were you when, I need a friend, thought I could be strong, never knew I’d be so wrong, heartbreaker most of my life, suddenly it all changed, the moment you left me and walked out of my life.” 

EXCLUSIVE: Melanie Fiona Thinks People Should Live Their “MF” Life

Melanie’s forthcoming album The MF Life is set to hit store shelves May 8th. 

Take a listen to “Wrong Side Of A Love Song” and tell us what you think in the poll below!

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