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UPDATE: 4:00 pm EST

Police are now explaining why they shot and killed 26-year old Dwayne Browne at his Brooklyn home. According to NBC News:

Sources tell NBC New York that a preliminary investigation finds that just before the shooting, Browne’s brother and his girlfriend had pulled up to the home, with the girlfriend staying in the car.

As Browne’s brother approached the door, two gunmen appeared and forced him into the house, where Browne was inside. The girlfriend called 911 to report that her boyfriend was being robbed.

When police arrived, the gunmen fled and Browne’s brother was leaving out the back of the house. Browne soon came out the back as well, and was holding a gun, slightly raised, the source said.

According to sources, he was ordered to drop his gun, and did not. He was shot once in the chest, and the gun was recovered.



Yesterday police shot and killed 26-year old Dwayne Browne inside his Brooklyn, New York home after officers said he refused to follow orders.

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Dwayne’s family members maintain that he was protecting his home from what he thought was a burglary in progress.

The NY Daily News also reported that Dwayne and his girlfriend were watching TV when suddenly they heard a banging noise on their door as if someone was trying to break into their home.

Dwayne rushed downstairs to see what was going on and his girlfriend then heard a gunshot. The girlfriend said that Dwayne then came back up stairs bleeding from his stomach and said “Baby, I’ve been shot.”

Officers are saying they ordered Dwayne to drop his weapon. His girlfriend spoke on the shooting saying:

“The officers told me they had to shoot him…The officer said, ‘I’m sorry. It was one of us. But he wouldn’t put the gun down.”

Dwayne’s brother Charles Browne said Dwayne was simply defending his home and “he had a right to do that.”

Dwayne had an associate’s degree from ASA College and was the father of 7-year-old boy Dasani.

Our heart truly goes out to Dwayne’s family. Hopefully a full investigation will be conducted to find out if the officers rightfully shot Dwayne. 

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