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GlobalGrind has exclusively learned that Katy Perry had an affair with DJ Skeet Skeet. 

PHOTOS: DJ Skeet Skeet and Katy Perry Together! 

DJ Skeet Skeet opened up for Katy during her California Dreams tour from February to November of 2011.

An inside source told us: “Skeet Skeet and Katy have been hooking up on tour, and Russell found out.” 

Could this be the reason for their sudden divorce? There are several pictures of Katy and Skeet Skeet together, including one of her wrapped around his thighs. 

VIDEO: Was Russell Brand Hinting At Divorce In November?

Russell and Katy called it quits after 14 months of marriage, the couple didn’t sign a pre-nup and spent the holidays apart. 

Although we don’t like to report news like this, we were told by the source that this was going to come out soon – regardless of whether we put it up or not. 

This is a sad time for our friends Katy and Russell and we hope they can continue to lead happy lives – whether or not they are together.