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California might seem like it’s on fire, with temperatures reaching record high with some places hitting 113 degrees. Many people are without power and the AP reports: ‘Forecasters may never know just how hot it got in Los Angeles during a day of record-breaking heat: After the temperature soared to 113 degrees, the thermometer took the rest of the day off.’

Damn that’s hot as hell, the devil is in Los Angeles crip walking and laughing at people who are sweating too much. So if you’re on the west coast you might be sweating, you’re probably mad and angry so I would like to share some photos of celebrities sweating, sunburnt, and just out right hot as all h-E-double hockey sticks. 


Rihanna and Chris Brown


Kim Kardashian [pagebreak]

Alicia Keys [pagebreak]

Megan Fox [pagebreak]

Ashley Greene [pagebreak]

Hayden Panettiere [pagebreak]

Blake Lively [pagebreak]

Zac Efron [pagebreak]

Kanye West