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Is a Sex And The City spinoff really happening?!

The CW just made all of our dreams come true by officially picking up The Carrie Diaries, the prequel to Sex and the City based off books by author Candace Bushnell.

Set in the early ’80s, the series will show Carrie during her senior year in high school when she first began to ask questions about sex and love. It will explore the aspiring writer’s relationship with boyfriend Sebastian Kydd and rivalry with popular frenemy Donna LaDonna.

STORY: Blake Lively To Play Samantha In “Sex & The City” Prequel?

In early February 2011, rumors ran wild that Blake Lively would take on the role of young Carrie, but as of now there’s no official word from the network. 

However, since Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie trio Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage and Len Goldstein are set to executive produce The Carrie Diaries, alongside Warner Bros; and Blake’s Gossip Girl character is already more than a little Carrie-ish, we would have to agree that Blake is the perfect match! 

SOURCE: HollywoodReporter