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Everyone loves a good unexpected d*ck flick!

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OK, maybe not, but red hot Rihanna loves d*ck flicks, especially ones taken in the car. 

Rihanna was full of randomness earlier this morning, when she tweeted: 

Of course, some of her 12.5 million Twitter followers were completely confused and baffled by her random tweets about d*ck flicks, but most of them enjoyed her random tweet of honesty. 

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After receiving a few backhanded comments, Rihanna cleared up her d*ck flick mess she made, joking that “d*ck=duck.”

There’s no need for Rihanna to backtrack, because she’s not fooling us.

We know she loves d*ck flicks, but to play along with her game, GlobalGrind rounded up 10 great d*ck=duck flicks for Rihanna. 

Take a look at 10 dynamite d*ck flicks for Rihanna in the gallery above!

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