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Freedom of speech should always be protected, however not when a group of elementary school girls are chanting “Stupid Hoe,” one of the latest songs by Nicki Minaj.

This song and many others have opened up an old music industry debate: how much responsibility should labels have for the kind of music they produce? Should stores and radio stations play this music?

Where are the groups that should fight against music like this?  I am all for freedom of speech, however sometimes we can go way too far. Are we going to let record labels dictate to us what our moral conscience should allow?

I remember that obscenities are not protected by our First Amendment. Has everyone forgotten that there are limitations on the right of free speech? “The word ‘censorship’ means prior restraint of First Amendment rights by the government.” Censorship should only be regulated in severe cases of violence on the news or in this case, a song or music video.

I think this song and others like it should be regulated. Why? Obscene, violent and sexual lyrics are killing our communities.

The one reason that I love writing is because I learn so much when doing research on the topics that I blog about. I listen to the mothers of Rap Music and they all rapped about being strong, being independent and showing love.

Female rappers used to be positive and spit positive verses, artists like MC Lyte and Queen Latifah. I wish someone would come out positive like them.

What happened to make women act this way? Why have they SOLD OUT? What happen to talking about how to love yourself and walk with your head up? What happened to self respect? Worse than that, why as a people have we allowed it to happen?

Do we not see toddlers and preschool little girls referring to each others as hoes? Ladies need to take full responsibility for this one.

Look, I know we are always going to have that person or people that are lost and only care about money.  I know the fact that three and four year old little girls dancing at the family cookout like strippers because of songs that record labels push and people buy will always happen.

But we need balance. For every Nicki Minaj we should support a New MC Lyte. I am going to ask all of my social media sites to encourage new female rappers to send video links so I can share it and change things.   

The power of Hip Hop Culture has influenced my generation in an amazing way. So the next time you see or hear a female rapper referring to herself as a hoe, I challenge you to write her a email send her a tweet and let her and her label know how she is a part of the problem.

-MaryPat Hector

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