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Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown turn on the scary for their new video “Why Stop Now.” 

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Over the weekend, Busta and Chris released behind the scenes footage of “Why Stop Now,” and finally we have the final product. 

Chris and Busta roam through a haunted mansion, as bats and giant locusts fly through the air. A shirtless Chris Brown puts his dances moves and acrobatics in full swing, as he bounces from wall to wall in the haunted house. 

The Hype Williams-directed video features Busta venturing through different scenarios of why he can’t be stopped lyrically. 

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From being a king to being a possessed poor person, Busta Rhymes makes sure he keeps his fans fully engaged in “Why Stop Now.” 

“Why Stop Now” is definitely another good video to add to Busta’s extensive repertoire. 

Take a few minutes and check out Chris and Busta in the video above!