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Earlier today we learned that Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones were fired from X-Factor.

DETAILS: Paula Abdul Issues A Statement About Leaving X-Factor

Now, the popular singing competition show must search for two new judges and a new host.

The only thing is that X-Factor isn’t like other singing shows. On X-Factor, contestants are broken up into four categories: the boys, the girls, the over 30s and the groups. 

DETAILS: X-Factor Cleans House And Fires 3 Of Its 5 Stars

During the season, Paula handled the groups and Nicole was the mentor for the over 30s. So with those two groups in need of new mentors, we thought of some kick-ass hip-pop replacements we’d like to see as new judges. 

What if Prince was in charge of the over 30s, or Gwen Stefani mentored the groups? Sit back and check out our list … leave a comment to let us know who you’re rocking with! 

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