When Willow Smith posted pictures of her newly shaved head, I have to admit I was quite shocked. 

I was left wondering why an adorable 11-year-old girl would want to cut her hair, let alone shave all of her hair off. 

Hair has always been considered to be a woman’s crowning glory, and those who rid themselves of their “crowning glory” usually do so to make a statement. 

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After Willow’s pictures were plastered all over the internet, critics began to buzz about Will and Jada’s inability as parents to keep their 11-year-old daughter “child-like.” 

There’s no question about it – Willow Smith is very mature for an 11-year-old, but when does maturity cross the line and potentially jeopardize one’s youth? 

As I thought about Willow and her hair motives, I realized that Willow may be sporting a dark Caesar for a cause greater than publicity. 

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Willow has actively been communicating with a little girl name Hayley Okines, who suffers from a rare genetic condition that produces rapid aging in children called Progeria. 

Little Hayley Okines’ genetic condition has prohibited her hair growth and she has since written a book about her life’s battle entitled Old Before My Time.

Willow tweeted a picture of the book to all of her fans asking them to buy the book, which made me think that Willow may be making a statement. 

Is Willow trying to tell us she’s “old before her time?” Obviously, she doesn’t have a life altering medical condition, but I think Willow understands the complexity of life more than the average 5th grader. 

This may or may not be the case, but I decided to throw that theory into the universe for people saying she’s “too grown” or “too mature” for her age. 

If Willow, did indeed, cut her hair off as a pro-feminist statement, then I’ll admit it’s a little too much for a child.

Then what’s next?

We definitely don’t want to hear about her hanging her training bra on a flagpole.

BUT if she shaved her head for a greater cause unbeknownst to us or for a movie role, then let Willow be.

Kids should definitely be able to express themselves freely, but how free should people let their kids be? 

Who knows, but the verdict is still out on Willow’s new hair.

Is a shaved head too grown for an 11-year-old? 

Let me know what you think in the comment section and poll below!

~Brittany Lewis

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