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We guess that someone who ran a magazine as big as Vogue Paris for a decade can’t just quit the magazine business “cold turkey.” 

Ex-Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld is freelancing for VMAN and will be guest-editing the spring issue.

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In addition to features with Michael Avedon (the 21-year-old grandson of Richard Avedon) and Nick Knight, Roitfeld chose ten “real guys” (i.e. not celebrities or models) to pose for photographer Karim Sadli.

These real men talk about their “real” lives as a mechanic, a drummer and a firefighter – one of them even posed with his baby daughter!

In her editor’s letter, Roitfeld explains, “Fashion can be a difficult thing for men to follow … Sometimes men’s fashion can look too crazy to be believable, but I think a man should be elegant and effortless.”

We definitely agree that men should be able to be elegant and effortless when it comes to personal style. It’s rare to see A “regular guy” used in an article of this nature, although some of these guys are far from regular. 

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Hunter Parrish is a Broadway actor and stars on the Showtime hit Weeds, and even though Peter Bici is a firefighter now, he used to be a pro skateboarder and model.

Take a look at all 10 of Carine Roitfeld’s “Real Life, Real Guys” in the gallery above.