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Another Super Bowl, another crop of the best Super Bowl commercials. 

VIDEO: 6 Must See 2012 Super Bowl Commercials 

2012 took the cake with a lot of stellar and funny ads. 

For those who weren’t that concerned with last night’s game, we have complete run down of the best 2012 Super Bowl commercials!

VIDEO: Seinfeld and Leno Battle It Out For A Whip

There were some great ads last night, ranging from Matthew Broderick reliving his Ferris Bueller character in the Honda commericlal, to David Beckham showing off his chiseled body.

Even a super M&M ad could only be described as amazing! Check out our top 10 below.


“Matthew’s Day Off” was quite a nostaglic one, reminding us of the popular Ferris Bueller.

The M&M’s showed us that they are sexy and they know it!

Cars.com – Braxton From Jamie Foxx Show has a singing head on his shoulders. That alone is enough reason to press play. 

“Cheetah” – In this car ad, a cheetah races a car. But then he sets his sights on something else…

“Business Trip” – Career Builder continues its monkey business and this time, a business trip is a perfect reason for a new job.

“Vampire Party” – From Twilight to Vampire Diaries, these blood-sucking creatures are in right now, so why not use them to sell cars?

“Breakfast Police” – All things are possible when you eat a good breakfast. 

Think Fast! Hyundai Proof that the right car can save your life. 

Who needs a cat when you have Doritos?

That’s Ms. Brown if you’re… An M&M! The OG returns.

Sometimes you have to reinvent things and we seriously need one of those reinvented couches!

This rescue dog might be the best dog in the world! Here we go!

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