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What a great day to be a football fan and what an especially great day to be a New Yorker!

It’s the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday and if you are like a lot of us in the GlobalGrind office you are probably ecstatic that the Giants scored another big win for the city of New York. 

This is why today’s installment of No Money Mondays is dedicated to the Big Apple! Congratulations Giants, this Dollars & Sense is for you and for the people who would like to participate in some activities that are completely free of charge.

Attend The Giants Parade

OK, so this isn’t actually on Monday but it is free and it’s going to be the biggest thing going on this week in the city of NYC. The New York Giants will parade through the Canyon of Heroes on Tuesday morning, a reward for winning Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday night.
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced that New York City will host a ticker-tape parade in honor of the Super Bowl XLVI Champions New York Giants on Tuesday, February 7th, 2012. The parade will begin at Battery Place and Washington Street at 11:00 AM and continue northbound up the Canyon of Heroes to Worth Street. The parade will be followed by a ceremony at City Hall Plaza, at which the Mayor will present the NY Giants with Keys to the City. This will be a parade that no Giants fan will want to miss.


Visit The BAM

The Brooklyn Academy of Music is celebrating 150 years with an exhibit called “From Brooklyn to the World: A History of BAM.”

When the Brooklyn Academy of Music kicked off its inaugural 1861–1862 season, the venue offered residents of the borough—then the third largest U.S. city—top-tier cultural happenings without having to trek to Manhattan’s theaters. For its sesquicentennial, the institution has searched through its archives to create an exhibit of rare films, photos, promotional knickknacks and artifacts that examines two time periods: 1861 to 1967 (through Apr 15) and 1967 to today.


BAM Peter Jay Sharp Building

30 Lafayette Ave

(between Ashland Pl and St. Felix St)


Financial Tip Of The Day

Go To The Gym!

Let’s be honest, even if we are the ones that always go to the gym, we all have that one friend who pays for a gym membership and never goes. Sometimes we are that friend, but this is always wasted money. If you sign up for a membership of anything, even if it’s at a discounted rate, not taking full advantage of that membership is like throwing money away. Make sure your schedule will permit you to do anything that you sign up for, whether it’s the gym or swimming classes, be sure you make full use of the service you have paid for.