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Being asked to play Marilyn Monroe, one of the most influential singers, models and actresses of all time is a major honor and something that very few have the opportunity to do. 

But Michelle Williams can now be added to the minute list of women who have been able to play the huge on screen role. 

GlobalGrind was able to sit down with the talented actress after the Oscar Luncheon to dish on what she would ask Marilyn if she were still alive today, the process it takes to choose a dress for the red carpet, and how to come prepared for the big show.

Check out the exclusive interview below!

Having invested so much time into becoming Marilyn, if you could ask her one question that we still don’t know the answer to, what would that be?

Gosh, somebody asked me that once … if I had a cup of coffee with her, what would I ask her. I think I would just want to listen. There’s not one burning question in my heart, I think I would just want to listen to what she has to say.

We are getting closer to the big day, how close are you to finding the dress and if you found it what can you tease?

Oh gosh, I wish I had something to tell you but I don’t.

Have you found one yet?

No. Should I be worried? How many days away is it exactly?

You still have time. But what is the process like?

Luckily it’s a process that involves other people. I’m not alone in trying to figure out what that is going to be, so I’m sort of dealing with what’s in front of me and what my job is. Luckily enough, I get to work with really talented people, that that’s their specialty.

You’ve been here before. What did you learn the last time that you bring into it this time?  

Definitely bring a snack. Pack a granola bar! 

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