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We all know the feisty and hot-headed Royce Reed from Basketball Wives. Think what you want about her, but she is so much more than a reality-star, this woman really does it all!

“Basketball Wives” Stay Royce Reed Keeps It 100!

Royce is one of the stars in the upcoming play, Platanos Y Collard Greens, which starts tonight in New York City. The play is a romantic story, which touches on interracial dating between an African-American and a Latino. 

Although many people may not think Royce is capable of shedding her reality-star image to become an actress, she already is, as she has been acting, dancing, and performing since she was a young girl! As a matter of fact, she was a theatre major in college, so this is nothing new to her.

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In the second of her two-part interview, Royce dishes on her thoughts on interracial dating, which fellow castmates of Basketball Wives will show up for her debut, and what you can expect to see from her in the future.

Check it out below!

Tell us how the opportunity came about.

My publicist got the audition for me and I went in auditioned and they were pleasantly surprised. They actually didn’t know that I was a theatre major in college, so it was a cold read and they thought I did well enough to offer me the part and here I am!

The play centers on the acceptance of interracial dating. Did you have any prior experiences or situations you have been in that helped you relate to the play, as well as prepare for your role?

My character is Malady and she’s very Afro-centric, very black power, very strong-minded, strong build, almost like she has a chip on her shoulder. She does have a little bit of a vulnerable side that you’ll see, but for the most part she’s that woman that’s all about the black-on-black. 

Me personally, I have family members that are in interracial relationships. And I guess the way that I was brought up, even though I myself have experienced the prejudices and the racism, I was never taught to really judge based on color. And if you’re successful in your own right, you OK. 

Granted, my parents did still let me know it’s still out there and to not expect it, but don’t be shocked by it. I had, I guess, the best of both worlds where I knew and was able to accept it, but I didn’t judge anyone based on it. 

Having those experiences, did it make you more passionate about your character and the play?

My character isn’t necessarily like that, so it’s definitely a character I enjoy playing just because I get to be someone that is not me.

That’s just the joy of being in theatre, the joy of being a dancer, just the joy of being an entertainer, where you can portray yourself as someone else, or give an emotion that you yourself may not necessarily be feeling but you can pull that out. It’s a very inspiring play, it has a great message and I’m just enjoying being a part of it.

Were you familiar with the play before the opportunity arose for you to play in it?

It’s been going on since 2003 and actually they also tour. But it’s not something I was familiar with, until a couple weeks before I auditioned for it. But I heard different things about it, so reading up on it I was like ‘This is something I really want.’  When I went in for the audition I was actually prepared with three different monologues but they wanted me to do a cold read. But I was ready.

Are any of your fellow cast members of Basketball Wives coming to the play and have they been supportive of your acting career?

They haven’t come to see it yet, this is my first run this week and I know some of them are coming to see it next week. But I mean very positive. The ones that I speak to and get along with have been very positive, very supportive and you know I appreciate that.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I definitely want to do film, that’s definitely a goal of mine. I want to work with Tyler Perry, Denzel [Washington], Holly, Zoe Saldana. In my age bracket I definitely love watching her. I’ve seen her from Center Stage to movies like Avatar

But outside of doing theatre and outside of doing film, I have my dance company, I also have the adult company and I also have the younger company, which is ages 5-17, so re-opening the dance studio. 

Outside of that, still working with a non-profit which is Live to Dance, my two book series “College Girls” and a new series, which is a children’s series, and just constantly pushing. I also have a hip-hop workout dance video and I have an energy drink coming out.

I have a lot going on and I’m just very, very focused. Like I said, I know drama is in my life and I’m not trying to be perfect or say that I’m better than this or better than that, but I just try my hardest to stay away from it, just because I’m focused on business and my life outside of the show.