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A few months ago I sat six inches from Whitney Houston. I looked into her eyes and felt the joy she felt from being on set of her upcoming movie, Sparkle. She was happy about the project and I got the sense it was her troubled past that made her able to handle her latest comeback.

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She had been to hell and back and won! She was better than ever and she told me:

“Now that I’m older and more seasoned in this particular form of entertainment, after my experiences in life you become more seasoned and more mature. You maturate in the time of life.”

The hardships of life had taken it’s toll on her, but there she was. Smiling. Laughing and joking. She gave me the feeling that I could over come anything!

As we talked she gushed about her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and with every other word she praised God.

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Looking back on the life of Whitney Houston I realized she entertained to her dying day. People might think she felt pressure to come back, pressure to put on a show. But it was just in her to be, exceptional!

Whitney revealed

“In my life it’s not that i said I want to be an entertainer, it’s in my family bloodline I can’t help it. It is something that God has said this is what you do. It’s in me. So to me it’s not like a comeback it’s innate it’s nature.”

This weekend, God has called her to join the big concert in the sky so she can entertain him now. 

As I sat next to Whitney, I couldn’t help but think of all the times my mother sang me one of her songs. I thought about how proud my mother was when I told her that her baby boy was going to interview her idol.

When Whitney walked in the room I wanted so bad to blurt out my mother is your biggest fan.  I wanted to tell her about the time my mother was frying chicken for dinner while singing I Will Always Love You.

Needless to say that was one of the best meals I ever ate. 

The world will always love Whitney Houston. She’ll be missed. I hope these last words can help a few fans seek comfort during this difficult time. 

Whats your favorite Whitney Houston Memory?

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