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Another member from the rap clique Odd Future is taking heat again for some of their recent comments and it isn’t front-man Tyler, the Creator.

STORY: Odd Future’s Lone Female, Syd Tha Kid, “Slaps Bitches”

Syd tha Kid recently sat down with Out Magazine and aired out everybody who she feels is going after her while tossing up the middle finger to those who feel she needs to conform to anyone’s idea of who she should be.

The talented 19-year-old artist and producer told Out Magazine her sexuality shouldn’t be her all and end all. When it comes to homophobic slurs she says-

“Most of the homos I know use homophobic slurs, and it’s never a problem unless someone who’s not a part of the group is using the word.

But a lot of people take things out of context, and you’ve got to understand that there is a difference between saying, ‘Hey, you faggot’ and ‘Hey, faggot.’ When Tyler says ‘faggot,’ he’s not referring to gays, he’s referring to lame people. And in our vocabulary, that’s what the word ‘faggot’ means. I’m not offended by the word ‘faggot’ — and I am one.”

She didn’t stop there, in another recent interview with L.A. Weekly, Syd focused on the lack of gay female artists for her to idolize and accused Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, and Alicia Keys of being closeted.

Nevertheless Syd is here to stay and she surly will become a leading voice for the women of music.

For Syd’s entire interview, click over to Out Magazine.

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