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Uncle Sam just hit Nas with some Ether – that sh*t that’ll make a rapper’s pockets burn slow.

DETAILS: Hostage! Nas Promoter Held Captive In Angola 

The IRS has obtained a lien on Nas’ property after the rapper didn’t pay the $339,005.49 he owes Uncle Sam in federal income tax for 2010. 

MUSIC: Amy Winehouse & Nas “Like Smoke” 

To make things more troubling for Queensbridge’s finest, the rapper apparently owes $6 million in unpaid taxes from previous years.

That’s a scary amount of money for a rapper to owe, especially one that already pays over $25,000 a month in child and spousal support.

Rappers have a history of not paying their taxes. Earlier this year, Bow Wow got popped for $100K by the IRS after not paying back taxes and Ja Ruleis currently serving a three year bid, in part, because he owed back taxes. 

All we can say is, Nas, give up the dough; you don’t win beef with the IRS. 


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