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Congratulations, you have almost made through the week! The weekend is almost here and you’re probably ready to kick back and have a great weekend.

This Thursday we decided to take you to the Caribbean. Maybe you have dreamt of going to a nice island with white sandy beaches and sipping drinks out of a coconut. Well stop dreaming and let us help you figure out how to get there! 

Get a new bathing suit!

We know its February and you’re hardly thinking of buying a bathing suit but, this is the perfect time. The wonderful thing about it is that you can choose from any color and you don’t have to choose from picked over and last minute picks. The best places to get your color island-esque bathing suits are Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s and boutiques. These bathing suit prices range from $48- $110.00, so why not splurge to look the best you can on the beach and basking in the sun. 


Stay somewhere beautiful! 

Out of the 30 plus Caribbean islands, there are such rich cultures within each island. There are hills of beautiful green land and beaches with white sand and clear blue water. One of the most intriguing islands is the Bahamas. Comprised of 3,000 islands, cays and islets, the Bahamas is a beautiful peaceful place. Nassau, being its capital is where most tourists, cruise ship and beach heads attract to. If you’re ever thinking of traveling to Nassau, the best place to stay is at Atlantis Resort. The Atlantis Resort comes fully equipped with everything you need for a wonderful vacation. During your stay you can enjoy everything from fun at the casino to massage’s poolside. Prices for your stay at the Atlantis Resort will range from as low as $199 to $1000.00. So why not enjoy it, after all you deserve it! 


Financial Tip of the Day! 

Join a fitness class! 

If you’re going to get ready for this wonderful Caribbean vacation, you have to be beach-body ready! So join a fitness class, you have time to shed those last few pounds you have been trying to get rid of. If gyms aren’t your thing, don’t be intimidated by a small fitness class that will have other members, just like you. If your in the New York area, Lose-N-Tone Fitness, is a small business that travels from different locations helping you to do exactly what the title says, lose and tone to the sounds of house music. Prices for the classes range from $5-$10.